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  8月3日,联想集团子公司摩托罗拉与美国移动运营商Verizon联合发布了世界首款5G智能手机Moto Z3。4日,联想集团董事长兼CEO杨元庆在职场社交平台LinkedIn(领英)上发表了一篇英文文章,阐述了5G网络将对我们未来生活带来的巨大影响,以及它所带来的巨大机遇。



  在我们回想过去35年移动互联网如何改变世界的同时,本周我们也迎来了一个重要里程碑,联想和我们的合作伙伴Verizon一起实现了一个世界第一。利用摩托罗拉Moto Z3智能手机和Moto Mod模块技术以及Verizon的5G网络,联想成为第一家将移动用户连接到5G网络的制造商。这一里程碑事件不仅标志着我们公司长期以来在创新和技术领域的领先地位,也标志着我们的坚定承诺——让我们的客户随时准备能做更多事情。




  本周Moto Z3的发布为一个充满可能性的未来奠定了基础。我很自豪地看到,联想在5G未来的每个组成部分都不可或缺——从今天客户手中的智能手机,到我们正在销售并将继续开发的许多智能物联网设备,再到支撑这一切的网络。这种整体的发展方式——着眼于端到端的挑战——意味着我们不仅能够支持当今的5G需求,还能拥抱未来更智能、更互联的世界所带来的机遇和潜力。(刘春)


  5G – The Next Milestone For Mobile Technology

  It’s amazing to look back at the total transformation that mobile technology has driven in the world we live in today. From its birth with the first mobile phone call in 1983 on a Motorola DynaTAC, the cellphone pervades almost every part of our lives, and the mobile network upon which they rely is enabling even more devices to become ‘smart’ - from doorbells to cars. We live in a hyper-connected world where the possibilities for future innovation are virtually endless.

  As we reflect on how the mobile internet has changed the world over the last 35 years we are also marking a major milestone this week, as Lenovo, together with our partner Verizon, delivers a world first. The first manufacturer to connect mobile users with a 5G network - using the Motorola Moto Z3 and Moto Mod technology and Verizon’s 5G network*. A milestone that not only signals our company’s long heritage of innovation and technology leadership, but our deep commitment to enabling our customers to always be ready to do more. You can read more about the great work we’re doing together with Verizon here


  But smartphones only represent one part of the 5G opportunity. It’s estimated that there are already more connected IoT (Internet of Things) devices than there are humans alive today.

  While the explosion in the Internet of Things means devices are transforming and becoming ‘smarter,’ the technology that powers them is too. In fact 5G will be the only standard capable of supporting the increasing demands of devices and how we use them – increasing consumption of video, more complex applications and augmented/virtual reality just for starters. Moreover, 5G will be the engine that can bring smart manufacturing and other transformative industrial IoT (IIoT) applications to life.

  With those ever changing consumption habits and proliferation of IoT and IIoT it’s the network that underpins it all that’s the real hero. To ensure high-speed/low-latency transmissions for more phones; compress and stream video, and process complex consumer and industrial applications more efficiently the infrastructure needs to be dynamic and flexible. We understand more than most what dynamic infrastructure means, given it’s at the heart of our data center business. We are working with major telecom providers around the world, including China Mobile – the world’s largest mobile telecommunications company, where we are partnering with them to bring 5G ready network infrastructure to market in China through a virtualized software implementation.

  This week’s announcement sets the stage for a future full of possibilities. I’m proud to see how Lenovo is integral to every part of a 5G future – from the smartphone in a customer’s hand today, to the many smart IoT devices we sell and will continue to develop, to the network that underpins it all. This holistic approach to development – looking at the challenges end-to-end, means we are not only able to support the 5G demands of today, but to embrace the opportunities and potential of tomorrow’s smarter and more connected world.


  * the new moto z3 is the world’s first smartphone with access to Verizon’s 5G Network when paired with the 5G moto mod?